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Modern technology has also reached tickets, so forget about classic tickets - paper and even electronic - and get to know smart tickets in the Vibeapp. They are reliable, and it is impossible to lose them - after all, the smartphone is always there.

Aftermarket control

It's no secret that tickets are resold. So let's make money on it! Smart tickets in the Vibeapp allow you not only to control the secondary sale of tickets and collect statistics, but also earn from each transaction. You can also set a limit so that the ticket cannot be sold for more than face value.

Direct contact with viewers via chat

Tell viewers about yourself and the artists you work with, and instantly send all urgent information using Push notifications, because the conversion from them is much higher than SMS and Email mailings.

Referral reward

500 ₽


Are there bloggers and influencers among your viewers? Let them bring an audience to you - just share with them the reward from ticket sales.

You have received bonuses

For the next event

1 000 ₽


Give your viewers bonuses and build your own loyalty system.

Counterfeit protection

100% protection

Even one deceived viewer is a huge blow to reputation. You can protect spectators from ticket counterfeiting and fraud with the help of smart tickets. The dynamic QR code changes every 10 seconds and is tied directly to a specific customer, it is impossible to transfer it to anyone and make it so that several people have the ticket at the same time.

By purchasing smart tickets by hand, the viewer can be 100% sure that he is the owner of a genuine ticket to the event.

Profile with event tickets

The application keeps a history of events that you have attended or are about to attend. There you can comment, rate, describe your emotions and share your impressions with friends.

Convenient sale

Can't get to the event and find out about it at the last moment? You no longer have to look for a buyer on classifieds sites or push in front of the entrance and offer an “extra ticket”. The application has its own exchange, where it is convenient to resell tickets - just set the price and wait for the buyer. And also, share the link to the ticket in your social networks - the buyer will know for sure that he is purchasing a genuine ticket.

In addition, you can earn on the sale if you sell a ticket for more than face value, while not violating the law on the resale of tickets.


Imagine that all the tickets for the event are sold out, but you really want to get in. Just go to the exchange and buy a ticket from the audience - it will be 100% authentic.

By the way, you can save money on buying on the exchange: viewers often sell tickets at face value or cheaper, while the price of tickets has already increased.