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Сloud cash register

This is a modern product and an indispensable tool for offline trading. Our cloud cash desk has a wide range of options for work, and is also easy to set up.

In accordance with federal
law No. 54

In accordance with federal
law No. 54

It is now easy to control sales: in accordance with Federal Law-54, each ticket sold will be provided with a receipt, the details of which are automatically sent to the Tax Service - the receipt will contain all the necessary reporting information. Simple integration with Atol cash registers makes it as easy as possible to sell offline tickets.

Sell ​​offline

We will quickly set up offline sales at the box office at the entrance to the event or in any convenient place. We can also set up direct acquiring, and you can use bank collection to collect money from the cashier at the end of sales. For the convenience of work, you can create an account for each cashier in your personal account.


You can create your own ticket design and print it at the entrance - in this way, viewers will become the owners of unique fan tickets and keep them for a long time.


In the personal account of the cloud cash desk, we have collected the maximum opportunities for sales reports. BSO numbers automatically fall into them. In addition, you can collect separate statistics for each cashier or source of ticket sales - this will allow you to quickly identify inaccuracies.