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Automated business solutions for organizers of festivals, concerts and parties. Ticketscloud knows how to plan, organize effective ticket sales and find the best partners in the entertainment industry. Easy access to the features in your personal profile and a flexible tariff scale with an individual approach.


Planning and organizing events, assistance in selecting partners, creating a sales strategy and more


Holding festivals, concerts and parties with comfort for organizers and audiences


Detailed sales analytics, audience information, access to sales policy adjustment tools


Personal profile

Access to automated solutions for organizing an event (sales, finance, analytics, partners, personalized settings).


Conversion widget

High level of conversion due to convenient setup tools, price increase system, built-in promotions and promotional opportunities.


Promotional website

Quick connection, accountable forms, compliance with Federal Law-54, the ability to print tickets and use QR codes.


Сloud cash register

Quick connection, BSO accounting, compliance with Federal Law-54, the ability to print tickets and use QR codes.


Scanner Application

Assistance in organizing and systematizing the process of entering the venue, checking tickets and creating comfortable access to the event for the audience.


Application for

Storage of smart tickets and experiences. Protects the audience member from scammers and gives control of secondary sales to the organizer.



Entry to the venue logistics

Organization of the entrance group of the event: scanners, review team, scanning curator, people on the lists / bracelets, technical specialist, etc. The review team helps to quickly resolve any problems with tickets on the spot.



Email and SMS mailings. The ability to send a newsletter to the organizer's customer base or expand the base and select an audience for similar events.


Reorganization of the auditorium seats if the venue was changed

An effective solution when it is necessary to transfer the spectators of a huge stadium to a smaller area, a dance floor to seats, etc. A set of services for communication with viewers: live and auto-dialing, feedback form, Email and SMS mailings.


Calling audience members with the help of people and robots

Prompt communication with viewers, the possibility of automated calling or calling services by support service specialists.


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