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All tools are based on our experience in organizing events and the needs of our clients. We know what is needed for a successful event and free you from unnecessary worries.

We do the technology,
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Event Management

A personal account is a convenient service for working with all your events, a real organizer. Everything you need to manage events and tickets is now in one window.

Hierarchical Access System

In your personal account, you can independently configure access to our resources for each of your employees - for example, a marketer or chief accountant.

Hall layout

If the venue for the event is equipped with seating or you have several categories of tickets with different access, we will quickly draw a diagram and embed it in a widget so that viewers can choose seats when purchasing.

Deep Analytics

In your personal account, you get access to ticket sales analytics - who, when and at what price buys tickets to your event. All statistics work in real time, so you can adjust sales channels and fill the audience faster.

Marketing campaign analytics shows how effective your communication channels with the viewer are. It shows from which sites and social networks buyers come to you.

Flexible reporting system

All the necessary forms of reports are already in our Personal Account. You can set up automatic sending of reports and upload your own report form - we will add it to your profile in a short time.

Instant withdrawal of money

You no longer need to worry about the safety of the money you earned from ticket sales. In your personal account, you always see the current account balance, and detailed billing allows you to be aware of all transactions. To withdraw funds from the account, you do not need to draw up documents and send reports, and all amounts are calculated automatically.

Event groups

Hosting many events on the same day, such as theater productions or shows? In our personal account, you can easily create recurring events for every day and sell tickets for them.

Automatic price increases

Sales scheduling and well-arranged ticket price increases are an important element of profit maximization. You can set up automatic price increases yourself: just fill in the dates when tickets should rise in price, and prepare for the event, the system will do everything for you. And using the expertise of our specialists, you will be able to effectively plan sales.

Promotions and promotional codes

Fuel up interest in your event with ticket promotions to help secure a soldout. Create unique discount codes and distribute among potential viewers, as well as use viral promotional codes - buyers will share them with friends or on social networks and attract an additional audience.

Widget setup

The widget is the tool that the viewer most often encounters when buying tickets. We made it simple and easy to use, which is why our widget is chosen by thousands of organizers.

You can customize the appearance and functionality of the widget: add the ability to select a seat, change ticket categories and use promotional codes. You can also configure the widget to work with foreign currencies and in any language.

Customization of tickets and letters

In your personal account, you can independently change the appearance of your electronic tickets and turn them into real fan tickets - viewers will keep them for a long time.

Besides, you can customize the appearance of emails — viewers will be sure that they receive the necessary information straight from the organizer.

Working with ticket partners

Details about distributors

Independent promotion of events

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