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How to use Ticketscloud

Ticketscloud is a well-thought-out technological platform that both experienced and novice organizers can connect to and use easily


Registration of the Personal profile on the Ticketscloud service platform takes just a few minutes, gives the user flexible functional tools and allows access to expert assistance and attentive support.


Registration and onboarding

The process of adapting the client to the product is thought out to the last detail. Pop-up tips, pop-up windows and attentive support service accompany users on the website, present sections or recommend certain actions.


Use and management

The service allows to set up sales, manage the dynamics of ticket sales, communicate with contractors and audiences, quickly and easily create the necessary promotional materials for the events.


Analytics and control

Analytics tools, the ability to distribute roles and transfer different levels of access allow users to plan, receive up-to-date analytics and statistics about the audience's preferences, which optimizes efforts and gives the most effective results in terms of ticket sales.

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